Matthew Clegg’s essays and reflections on The Navigators can be accessed via the links below. Further writings will be posted here during 2016.

Feeding the Dead is Necessary (on the making of The Navigators)
Fugue, Shimmer, Pulse and Fuse (on musical principles in ‘Trig Points’)
Radged and Nithered: A Vernacular Sensibility
(on the language ‘lived in’ by the navvies and boatmen of the South Yorkshire waterways)
Sea Changes (on the ‘Cave Time and Sea Changes’ poem-sequence and audio/film installation)
Writing and the Autodidact (on the individual and the institution)

The Hide’, an essay by Longbarrow Press editor and publisher Brian Lewis, reflects on the making of the audio podcasts for The Navigators and on several poems from the title section of the book.


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