Recordings of poems and sequences from The Navigators will be added to this page over the coming months. Click on the orange ‘Play’ button to listen to the recordings.

Trig Points: The Hearth

Matthew Clegg reads eight poems from the first section of The Navigators. Poems: ‘Redbreast’, ‘The Host’, ‘Shoal’, ‘The Lake in the Trees’, ‘Under Orion, Midsummer’, ‘Two Fugitives’, ‘Punch’, ‘The Grate’. Recorded in Sheffield, 5 April 2017. Recorded and edited by Brian Lewis.

Drift #1: Denaby Ings

Matthew Clegg reads five poems from The Navigators in a bird hide on the edge of Denaby Ings nature reserve, South Yorkshire, 18 August 2015. Poems: ‘Brigand’, ‘Mexborough, Water-Fronted Properties Released’, ‘ANGLERS REQUIRE PERMITS’, ‘The Tang’, ‘When They Next Make You Redundant’. Recorded and edited by Brian Lewis.

A Navigation with Matthew Clegg and Ray Hearne

‘A Navigation’, led by Matthew Clegg and songwriter Ray Hearne, tracked several miles of the South Yorkshire Navigation between Mexborough and Conisbrough on 24 May 2015, with an audience of 25. Songs and poems: ‘Hurtle Through A Portal’ (Hearne), ‘Ballad Of The Wandering Navvy’ (Clegg), ‘The Navvy Boys’ (Hearne), ‘The Wheat Horse’, ‘The Sink Hole’ (Clegg), ‘The Last Of The Alley-Gaters’ (Hearne), ‘The Passage’, ‘Anglers Require Permits’ (Clegg), ‘Rother Sing A Don Song’ (Hearne), ‘Mexborough, Water-Fronted Properties Released’, ‘When They Next Make You Redundant’ (Clegg), ‘Long Hot Summer’ (Hearne), ‘Brigand’, ‘Mexborough Quad Bandits’ (Clegg), ‘East Of Abdy’ (Hearne). Recorded and edited by Brian Lewis.

Trig Points

A sequence of 21 haiku (featured in section 1 of The Navigators). Music written and performed by Simon Heywood. Performed live on the Spoken Word Antics Radio Show, Sheffield, Thursday 5 April 2007. Recorded by Robin Vaughan-Williams.

The Sink Hole

From the sequence ‘The Navigators’. Recorded on the towpath of the South Yorkshire Navigation at Mexborough, 10 March 2015.

Cave Time and Sea Changes

A sequence of 12 poems by Matthew Clegg (interspersed with commentaries by Clegg). Recorded in a sea cave at the North Landing, Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire, 19 September 2012. Recorded, edited and sequenced by Brian Lewis. Photography by Karl Hurst. A 20-minute film (comprising the 12 poems by Clegg, 18 photographs by Karl Hurst and music by the Flamborough composer William Baines) can be viewed here.


From the sequence ‘The Navigators’. Recorded near Attercliffe bridge, Attercliffe, Sheffield, on the canal walk led by Clegg on Sunday 23 September 2012. Clegg (and an audience of 20) followed the canal from Victoria Quays to Tinsley.


Recorded in a sea cave at Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire, August 2010. ‘There are larger numbers and a wider range of cave habitats at Flamborough than at any other chalk site in Britain, the largest of which are known to extend for more than 50m from their entrance on the coast’ (Wikipedia).


On the perfectly
lateral branch, three blackbirds –
Three semi-quavers.

From the sequence ‘Trig Points’. Recorded in Broomhill, Sheffield, 1 August 2012.

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